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Coffee ethically sourced, by micro-roasters, Pharmacie Coffee, in Hove, including Decaf

Hot Chocolate, from Hans Sloane, of London

Mineral water from used for all drinks

My Ethos

I believe that by combining the roles of Paramedic and Barista, I can utilise the large amount of unused time, that a Film Set, or Event Paramedic has, by serving delicious Barista Coffee , Hot Chocolate and a variety of Teas, without, at any time, compromising the response, when needed, for Emergency Healthcare.

The result is great hot drinks that the whole crew can enjoy, for less than the average spend of sending runners on Coffee runs for Clients, and Agency.

The Health Care Professional Council (HCPC), are aware of, and recognise the role of,       CoffeeMedic.

"lift the crew, with a lovely brew"

The response so far ..

Daisy Roberts, Production Manager

"Get the CoffeeMedic on your next shoot, STAT! You won’t regret it. I thought the idea was absolutely genius when I first heard about it, and couldn’t wait to try out the service on my next job. Such good value - it barely cost any more than what we would have spent hiring a Nespresso machine and pods so its not just for the jobs where you’d have a coffee van - he’s perfect for every job, big or small. Its such a nice touch to have on set - client, agency, cast and crew all loved it and it really lifted spirits. "

"Paul's put so much thought, research and time into making the coffee outstanding too which makes such a difference, and the turmeric hot chocolate is to DIE FOR (and vegan!)."

"He’s also super sustainable - cups are compostable for those who forget their thermos, I love that he takes the grains back to his smallholding for compost, and he also repurposes the used water containers to build poly tunnels for his veg." 

"Paul is also such a lovely guy and a fabulous medic, so all in all, he’s everyone’s favourite person on set! "


All cups are from Packaging Environmental, and are fully compostable

Coffee, ethically sourced by Pharmacie Coffee

The coffee packaging is re-usable, and returned to Pharmacie Coffee 

used coffee grounds composted

Mineral Water containers are repurposed as mini poly tunnels for Vegetables

Once I have the quantity, these will be available to crew for their own gardens

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