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Paramedic extended skills

Paramedics have a number of lifesaving skills that they can perform in the emergency setting

 The advanced skills available to Paramedics includes:

Intravenous cannulation  (to administer drugs or fluids)

Administration of an array of prescription, emergency and controlled drugs.

Endotracheal intubation  (advanced airway management in the unconscious patient)

Advanced Life Support (using Paramedic drugs, airway management and cardiovascular resuscitation)

Intraosseous access (drilling into the patient’s bone to administer drugs and fluids)

Surgical airways - needle cricothyroidotomy (inserting large bore canular airway into cricothyriod membrane)

Chest decompression  - thoracocentesis (used after falls from height, stabbings, blunt chest trauma)

Advanced clinical examination & ECG recognition.

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